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November 1, 2017

 Cloud 9 has been an idea of mine for many years now as I have always wanted to provide a way to help the entrepreneurial spirit thrive and grow in Licking County. My mission is to provide cost effective, supported and business critical technologies and services to local business professionals. Running a business is hard work and the added pressures of a proper IT, technology, cloud, software, email, productivity, social media, voice, marketing and web presence strategy can seem impossible...and expensive!


Cloud 9's services are geared to that solopreneur, freelancer, side hustler or small business owner who is out there grinding, and ready to take their passion and business to the next level! My team has the knowledge and expertise necessary to provide an essential cloud based business platform in the categories of branding, visibility, productivity, storage, social media, marketing, voice, consulting and support...all on an affordable monthly or annual subscription model!


In this day and age, you don't need an "IT Dork" or "IT Nerd", re-active approach to technology, fixing your old infrastructure when it breaks. You need to "Think Different" and step into a business world where all of your critical information is accessible anytime, anywhere, on any device and in a secure and safe environment. 


You need a professional look and feel to your business online and to be easily found by your customers... 


You need a professional email address and signature for communicating with your customers... 


You need a complete cloud based productivity suite for document creating, collaborating and sharing... 


You need a safe and secure cloud storage solution with plenty of space for all your business files and accessible from any device or location...


You need to engage with your customers on social media, providing updated and relevant content surrounding your business, industry, products and services... 


You need a targeted digital marketing campaign to lead new customers to your products and services and to increase sales.


Finally, you need a well experienced consultant to setup, deploy, manage and support your technology needs and at an affordable price!


Simply put... Cloud 9 has the professional services and expertise necessary to help your freelance, side hustle or small business, compete, grow and scale.


Welcome to Cloud 9...







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November 1, 2017

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